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Saturday, October 5, 2019

Toward a Reconstruction of the Warp Advantage in GURPS

I'm removing all the weird stuff that comes packaged with the Warp advantage.

To make it easier to build specific desired advantages. The base version of Warp is weird. It comes with a lot of built-in weirdness with penalties and preparation time and FP costs. I want to remove those to make it more generic. Don't worry! You can add those back in later.

The Advantage:


By using a Concentrate maneuver, you can teleport up to two yards. Each additional level increases the distance using the Size and Speed/Range Table.

The Size column measures your additional levels and the Linear Measurement column measures your new distance. So +1 level increases distance from 2 to 3 yards. +2 levels is 5 yards. And so on.

The default version allows you to carry an amount of stuff equal to your Basic Lift. Use the Extra Carrying Capacity enhancement from Warp to increase that amount. Use Affects Others to carry other people with you.

If you want this to take penalties like Warp does, then add the Requires (Attribute) Roll limitation, and couple that with this new limitation:

New Limitation: Distance Penalties
Apply this penalty to the roll required to use this advantage.
-1/yard like a Regular spell, -30%
Size and Speed/Range Table, -20%
Long Distance Modifiers, -10%

As normal:
Affects Others

As normal:
Costs Fatigue
Emergencies Only
Nuisance Effect
Requires (Attribute) Roll
Takes Extra Time

You get the idea from looking at these which ones you can use and which ones you can't. The idea is that this now functions like a normal advantage, taking the same limitations as enhancements without all the special unique stuff that the default version of Warp uses.


  1. This does reopen my favorite use case for low budget warp with emergencies only and cost fatigue limitations now there is an inexpensive and versatile escape hatch. in a stranglehold? Nope I'm behind you. You need to keep the can see where you're going limitation or the lowest level makes a character impossible to keep in or out of anything 2 yards is plenty to pop through the door of a bank vault and so on.

    1. Hmm... yeah. Maybe make the base ability cost more and then you can add the Accessibility (Only places you could
      walk/climb to, given time) -20% limitation from Horror.