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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

GURPS House Rule: New Advantage - Bestow


I'm introducing a new advantage that replaces the klunky Affliction method of doing things.


If you're asking, you must not have tried to use Affliction to accomplish this task. Affliction has a base cost of ten points. That means any modifiers apply only to that ten-point base cost. Beneficial afflictions are, by their very nature, enhancements. This makes limitations on expensive beneficial afflictions very poorly priced. You can add +10,000% in enhancements, which results in an extremely costly Affliction. Yet a crippling limitation totaling -80% still only provides eight points in exchange.

Also ease of use is a factor as well. I feel this method is much easier to understand and use. This is how I intuitively expected the ability to cast buffs on people to work. The RAW method makes this much, much more complicated than it needs to be. I would hope that in a future version of the game some other method such as I have provided here would be considered.

The advantage:  


Bestow is a new advantage. This replaces Affliction shenanigans. When buying this advantage, select another advantage. Bestow is always paired with another advantage or group of advantages. For instance, one might purchase Bestow (Flight) or Bestow (+5 ST and Claws). You can select modified advantages to Bestow. For instance, you could bestow DR with the Tough Skin limitation.

Bestow has a base cost equal to double the price of its associated advantage(s).

To bestow a trait requires a Concentrate maneuver. You must touch the target to receive the bestowed advantage(s).

When you bestow an advantage, the target gains the advantage if they want. It's just that simple. The default duration is that of the purchased trait. Modifiers that change this duration are applied to Bestow rather than to the advantage being bestowed. For instance, Limited Duration would be applied to Bestow, not to the advantage being bestowed.

The default version of Bestow ends when the bestower uses a Concentrate maneuver to remove the bestowed advantage (which they may do without touching the target), or when the bestower bestows the advantage on a new target.

A bestower can bestow themselves. This is part of why it costs twice as much as the default price. You gain a lot of utility.

Some potential modifiers:

Additional Targets
You can have multiple versions of the bestowed advantage going at once. With one additional target, you could give Flight both to yourself and to your friend.

Number of additional targets, and then price:

1   +50%
2   +100%
3   +150%
5   +200%
7   +250%
Unlimited +300%

Can't Bestow Self -25%
This one is obvious.

Conscious Buffs -10%
The buffs end if the bestower loses consciousness.

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