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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

GURPS House Rules: Parrying Unarmed Attacks

I've changed what happens when you parry an unarmed attack with a weapon.

In the RAW, when you parry an unarmed attack, you immediately get to make a free attack against the limb of the person who attacked you. Furthermore, the soon-to-be-limbless attacker doesn't receive a defense roll against this free attack. This is a problem, first, because it breaks the action economy of the game. If you have the time to make a full-strength attack any time you can parry, then why are you limited to doing so only when you can parry someone's unarmed attack? Second, that they have no chance to defend makes unarmed attackers unrealistically vulnerable. They can't pull their hand back when they see their opponent's sword coming for their hand?

The new rule:

Whenever you parry an unarmed attack, on your next turn you can choose to attack the body part you parried at no penalty, with an attack maneuver, using your maneuver for the turn. The body part's owner can defend as normal.

I believe this makes unarmed attackers, like martial artists or tigers, function much better as both player characters and enemies. No longer do unarmed monsters get eaten alive by men with swords.


  1. I like it! Alternatively, use the same rules as Aggressive Parry (including the -1 to parry if intending to inflict harm without training)

  2. I let him do half damage, but only with blades.